Introducing the BodyShield™ External Vest Carrier V4

January 27, 2021 | Elbeco

The BodyShield™ External Vest Carrier version 4

Introducing the NEW BodyShield External Vest Carrier V4! Based on extensive wear testing and evaluations, changes were made to the BodyShield that addresses an improved side closure performance while providing enhanced mobility and comfort.


New features of the BodyShield External Vest Carrier V4 include:

    • Addition of a 2" knit elastic extension to the end of each front side panel. providing extra range of motion while relieving the FastLock closure of direct stress when bending, getting in and out of vehicles, running, etc.
    • Addition of a 2" knit to the loop FastLock on the back panels to provide the option for a tighter fit
    • 3" reduction from the back panel to minimize the increase in the waistband circumference so that we could keep our sizing as is
    • 9" front zipper length instead of 8"
    • Additional larger sizes

Contact your local sales rep to learn more about the BodyShield External Vest Carrier V4 and schedule a product demo at 


Written by Elbeco

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