Doubling Down in 2024


Doubling Down on our Core Mission in 2024

Many people treat the new year as a time to reinvent themselves, but here at LION, we’re going into 2024 prepared to double down on our core mission: protecting and equipping our firefighters.

As a key part of that mission, we’ll spend the new year focusing on expanding firefighter education, improving training, and building/sharing knowledge about health and safety.


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When we talk about education, we’re talking about giving firefighters the knowledge they need to perform their jobs as safely as possible, so they can return home to their families.

To this end, in 2024, we’ll again be offering the LION Fire Academy year-round. This accredited online training program teaches firefighters everything they need to know about gear maintenance, cleaning, inspection, and repair. Proper handling and care of turnout gear ensures that firefighters receive the best protection possible from heat, toxins, and other threats.

Completely free of charge, the Fire Academy is valid for all brands of fire gear, and every attendee receives Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completing the program.


 We’ll also spend 2024 thinking through how we can best help firefighters train to stay safe when they step into harm’s way.

LION is an industry leader in training, particularly through our innovative ATTACK digital fire training system. This system allows firefighters to experience real-world training scenarios, even in places where training with live fire just isn't possible, ensuring they’re best prepared for a wide range of scenarios.

We’re also thrilled to be the primary sponsor of the annual Firefighter Challenge. Designed as a season of events (think: a football season) with regional championships, nationals, and a world championship, the Challenge features a demanding obstacle course designed to test athletes’ mettle and skills.

Open to both current and retired firefighters, the Challenge is a fun, adrenaline-fueled way for firefighters to improve their reflexes and build physical fitness. We’ve been so proud to sponsor the Firefighter Challenge for several years now , helping highlight the importance of ongoing training in the fire service.

Registration for the 2024 season begins in March (and the season opener will be held at the FDIC conference in April), so if you’re interested, best start training!


While we constantly strive to push the envelope in education and training, we also believe wholeheartedly in going straight to the people who use our equipment day in, day out—the firefighter community itself—and listening to what you have to say.

So in 2024, we’ll be traveling to key educational conferences such as the upcoming Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) Annual Health and Safety Conference on January 14-18.

We’ll also be attending the Fire Industry Education Resource Organization (FIERO) PPE Symposium from March 17th-20th. Our commitment to our customers and the firefighting community writ large means we’re always open to hearing, learning, and advocating for those we’re privileged to serve.

If you’re planning on attending either of these events, please do swing by our booth!  You can just say hello or if you’ve got an idea about improving firefighter education, training, or health/safety, feel free to share it with us! We’re all ears.

As we enter 2024, we don't know exactly what the year will bring, but we know what we’ll be doing: creating the finest gear for our first responders, backed by our 125-year legacy of innovation and craftsmanship.

From Dayton, Ohio to Orlando, Florida and all points in between, our firefighters deserve the very best in turnout gear, and we’re dedicated to giving that to them—in the new year and beyond.


— Mark Smith, President, LION Americas

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