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    Who is Elbeco?

    Elbeco (from L. B. Co. - Lurio Brothers Company) is an over 100-year-old, family-owned company based in Reading, PA. Elbeco manufactures uniforms and personal protective equipment for Police, Fire, EMS, Postal, Tactical and Transportation departments throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

    Elbeco continues to produce over 20% of its products in the United States, and is the largest employer of union sewers in the industry.

    Our Legacy Video chronicles our history and current operations and can be viewed on our website.

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    How long has Elbeco been in business?

    For over 100 years, Elbeco has been manufacturing quality uniforms for our nation's working men and women. The Elbeco philosophy has always been one of dedication to its customers. This core corporate goal has enabled Elbeco to become one of the largest manufacturers of professional uniform apparel in North America.

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    How do I order Elbeco Uniforms?

    Elbeco Uniforms are available through our international network of over 400 authorized dealers and field representativesTo find a dealer near you, visit the Elbeco Dealers section of this website.

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    Can I buy Elbeco Uniforms Online?

    Many of our authorized dealers offer online ordering capabilities. When you visit their websites, be sure to specify Elbeco Uniforms in your search. Visit our Elbeco Dealers page to select a dealer with online capabilities; their listings include hyperlinks to their websites.

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    Do you offer ladies' styles?

    Yes. Elbeco is proud to be the first manufacturer to offer Ladies Choice uniforms designed specifically to fit the shape of a woman's body. Visit our Ladies Choice page for more information about our uniforms designed exclusively for women by women.

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    What do I do if my distributor does not have the style or size that I need?

    Elbeco's authorized dealers strive to stock the most relevant styles and colors for the market they serve. If your distributor does not carry a specific style or size, you can request that they order what you need.

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    Do you make special styles?

    Elbeco is able to accommodate the needs of a great number of agencies and individuals through our Stock Styles. In addition, we provide uniforms in as many colors and style configurations as are requested. Some requests can be made through customization of existing stock styles. Others are made on a cut to order basis. Our nationwide sales force offers support to departments looking to design special uniform programs.

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    Why are uniform garments often more expensive than civilian clothing?

    Because of the physical nature of the jobs, public safety and transportation professionals require an extremely durable garment. Our shirts feature uniform details such as permanent press seams and pleated pockets in addition to bartacking, reinforced button holes and high impact melamine buttons. Elbeco Trousers feature reinforced and inserted belt loops and waistbands that resist rollover and tearing. Bartacks throughout all stress points, and triangle bartacks on the back pockets assure that they won't rip out. And our exclusive triple stitched crotch is guaranteed to not blow-out.

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    From what fabrics do you make your uniforms?

    Elbeco carries a wide variety of uniform grade fabrics, in different styling configurations. We also offer exclusive pre-wash processes to prevent fading, and special wicking and fluid repellency technology to keep you cool and dry. Select garments also feature antimicrobial technology and full protection against the elements.

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